Fish box packaging

Fish Box Transportation

Pack more product per pallet saving you in onward transport costs...

printed fish boxes

Printed Seafood Packaging

Our packaging takes high quality print, providing an attractive presentation...


Perfect for Fresh or Frozen Seafood

Freeze your product directly into the packaging...


Wide range of Seafood Boxes

Replaces and improves your current packaging options...


100% recyclable Seafood Boxes

Environmentally friendly packaging recycled locally...

Stacking Boxes

Drainage boxes built for extra strength and solid stacking.

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Completely flat for Delivery & Storage
  • Thermally Insulated Walls
  • Lightweight & Hygienic
  • Stunning Print Options
  • Locking tabs for extra stability

Our stacker boxes range from 1kg to 25kg.

The box base has robust triangular corners adding extra strength, and locking tabs which locate in the box above for good solid stability.

Perfect if you wish to add more weight of product per pallet to save on onward transport costs.

Drainage holes in the base remove any unwanted ice melt during transportation.

We have literally hundreds of shapes and sizes which we have designed over the years all made to palletise on either Imperial or Euro pallets.