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Pack more product per pallet saving you in onward transport costs...

printed fish boxes

Printed Seafood Packaging

Our packaging takes high quality print, providing an attractive presentation...


Perfect for Fresh or Frozen Seafood

Freeze your product directly into the packaging...


Wide range of Seafood Boxes

Replaces and improves your current packaging options...


100% recyclable Seafood Boxes

Environmentally friendly packaging recycled locally...

Fish and Seafood boxes by CoolSeal

CoolSeal Seafood Packaging is a specialist and continually evolving fish and seafood box and packaging system developed by Tri-Pack Plastics Ltd

Choose your design:

Fresh and Frozen Fish Distribution

Draining Box

Ideal for road freight where melt water and debris can drain from the box. Pop-open design that takes no longer than placing a solid or pre-erected box on the packing line

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Fresh and Frozen Fish Distribution

Stacking Box

A fast self erect folding base with locking tabs that locate in the box above for extra stability. Can be used with or without pop-open lid.

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Fresh and Frozen Fish Distribution

Leakproof Box

Certified for Airfreight transportation and ideal for hotel and restaurant deliveries where draining is not permitted or desirable.

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Fresh and Frozen Fish Distribution

Machine Options

A machine Ideal for integration with your packing line erecting CoolSeal boxes. Reduces packaging costs even further and accelerates production via a fully automated system.

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Branded Fish Boxes

Choose your size:

From 1kg to 25kg is our normal demand within which we have designs to fit imperial (1200 x 1000mm) and euro (1200 x 800) pallets.

Branded Fish Boxes

Choose your branding:

From one to six colour print to make you stand out above the rest Whilst the normal box colour is white, you can have black or red.

  • Minimise storage costs by up to 85% with our flat packed design
  • Speed packing with more boxes available on demand at the packing line
  • Eradicate wastage with our virtually unbreakable and water impervious boxes
  • Dispense with drain cleaning costs
  • Improve product quality with faster chilling times
  • Increase hygiene with our sealed edge non-staining material
  • Promote your brand with high quality print
  • Reduce delivery costs due to a lighter less bulky box
  • Obtain a residual value for the box as it is recyclable


“We have been using CoolSeal boxes for a number of years now. At Nolan Seafoods we want to be seen as a leading processor, and Tri-Pack's boxes allow us to stay ahead of the game especially with regards to the environment. Because CoolSeal is 100% recyclable, it ticks all the boxes.” Doug Rennie
Nolan Seafoods, Aberdeen, Scotland
“At DR Collin we strive to stay ahead of the competition, and CoolSeal's packaging range allows us to do just that.” Paul Virtue
DR Collin, Eyemouth, Scotland
“CoolSeal packaging seems to be revolutionising the industry with its attractive recyclable boxes for seafood.” Cyril Lambert
Production Manager
Sofrimar Ltd, Ireland
“It is required of us to deliver a fresh, well presented product to our customers. CoolSeal boxes do just that.” Alex MacKay
Prime Seafoods Ltd, Scotland
“At Skagerak Salmon, we strive to deliver the best quality to our customers and CoolSeal packaging helps us achieve this. It's recyclability and durability qualities are in high demand and we are proud to supply our seafood in them.” Peter Luxhoei
Skagerak Salmon A/S- Denmark
“Here at Glenmar Shellfish we find the CoolSeal box perfect for use with our prawns. It provides an excellent presentation and protects the product inside.” Diarmuid O'Donovan
Glenmar Shellfish - Ireland
“CoolSeal boxes are recyclable, insulating, strong, well priced and loved by our customers. Why choose anything else?” Kenny Hastie
Scotprime Seafoods, Scotland
“Our customers demand we keep with the times and supply our seafood in environmentally friendly packaging. CoolSeal's recyclable boxes are perfect for the job. Tri-Pack also offer excellent customer service with an incredibly efficient turnaround on orders, this is invaluable to us.” Kirstie Hichens
Cornish Seafood Co., England

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100% recyclable

CoolSeal Packaging is made from polypropylene plastic (PP5), and is 100% recyclable. Our boxes also help to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the number of trucks required to deliver. Please view our the environment page to learn more.

BRC Global Standards

The BRC Global standards are a leading global safety and certification program for food packaging manufacturers.

Tri-Pack adheres strictly to the hygiene, quality and safety requirements as laid out for the certification process.

We feel that our customers will receive a better service and products through the continued implementation of BRC.

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